coffin with flowers 2
Love doesn’t end with dying
or leave with the last breath
¬†for someone you’ve loved deeply
Love doesn’t end with death
John Addley
This emotional time, fraught with grief and despair, requires a celebrant who is both sympathetic and empathetic. Let me be the one to guide and assist you in this time of need.
Each service is a personal and an individual tribute to honour the memory of the deceased. Each service I conduct is individually written from start to finish, honouring the person who has died, in a dignified and fitting way. I believe that each service should reflect your and your loved one’s wishes.
Whatever type of service you choose I will work to create a fitting service, regardless of religous beliefs that meets your needs and that of the person who has died. Many people are not aware of the many different types of services available.
Allow me to sit with you in your grief and discuss your wishes. Together we can recreate the life of your loved one.
Whilst of course we will mourn the person who has died we can also celebrate their life and achievements, and remember them with love and affection.
A funeral or memorial service is the appropriate way to say our goodbyes to our loved ones. When someone close to us dies it is appropriate to commemorate the life of that person.